Would you like to run a simple to use and administer Classified System in your city (or town; or group;  or organization) ?

There are some costs assocate with this but, they are not excessive at all. For example:

Cost of Domain name $10 and hosting $30 to $60 a year at a minimum.  And, if you need someone to install and setup of Joomla and the add-ons, and database that will be a cost too (Could be $50 - $300). 

If you just want a turnkey solution and not worry about "INSTALL and CONFIGURE JOOMLA CMS and its ADD-ONS", I can do that for you at a Cost of $99 which includes 1 year hosting on a generic domain name. No extra charge if you use your own Registered Domain Name (The Name Resolution Forwarding is real easy, if you get your domain from http://Netfirms.com. Sorry but, we don't support Godday or Wordpress domain name registrations.

For less than $100 you can be up and running with your own Buy & Sell in YOUR CITY using our Free Local Classifeids system. And as an added bonus, as I modify the Classifed system, you  will get those mods too at no additional charge for 1 year.

I have a server waiting for you to test drive posting ads and administration of your awaiting Free Local Classified option.

Here are some features I include in the "Free Local Classifieds Option".

  • Backup Automation Module (backsup and restore of Joomla and the MySQL database)
  • Classifeids Module
  • Prostar Template for Joomla
  • JCE Editor  & JCE Mediabox
  • (more add-ons as requested in near future)

If you want to run a Free Local Classifieds system from your home that can be done for $199. Availabe for installation on a self booting USB Thumb Drive or install on a computer.  This option runs with Sparky Linux Minimal GUI - Openbox version.  You don't have to be a Linux GuRu to run Sparky Linux and LAMP and Joomla but, you absolutely must have geek DNA running in your viens.  So this option is for those who can master anything and willing to learn the following:

  • Sparky Linux (Based on Debian Linux - Stretch)
  • Joomla 3.5
  • LAMP  Server (Linux, Apache 2 Server, MySQL Database, and PHP 7.0)
  • Domain Name configuration on a LAMP Server (Not as complicated as it sounds; really !)

There are 100s of Youtube Vidoes for the above but to be honest, it could take 1 to 5 years before you feel like a Linux LAMP Hoster Genius.